Welcome to StreamPanel, a custom built dashboard that integrates with CentovaCast!

StreamPanel has been built in-house by autopo.st and is exclusive to autopo.st customers and makes controlling your streaming server even easier.

StreamPanel offers an exclusive, responsive, easy-to-use dashboard where you can view and administer your Shoutcast and Icecast streaming server.

All the important controls are easy to find and use and all available on one page. Instantly view all the relevant details for your server, start, stop, reload and view your listeners in real time by device and location.

Not only can you view all the important and critical information about your streaming server, including connection, source and stream information, you can also view the Now Playing and Recently Played information along with played times.

You can also view listeners by the device that they are using along with the connection times for each listener

And of course you can track who’s tuned in and where from via the Google Map which shows all of your listeners, the device they are using and their exact location.

You can also see a quick view history of your listener volume by time

And finally, why not monetise your streaming server by adding preroll adverts to your stream. Listeners will get served an advert each time they tune in which you can sell to advertisers and sponsors, all of this is configurable via our StreamPanel. Note that preroll adverts is not available on Icecast servers, only Shoutcast.

Remember, this is exclusive to autopo.st customers, if you sign up to a CentovaCast package (Shoutcast or Icecast) you’ll automatically get access to this custom dashboard for your streaming server.