are please to launch a new service to complement our existing range of services –  Premium Streaming

The new Premium Streaming service falls under our “Enterprise Services’ and is aimed at professional broadcasters who require an ‘Always On’ streaming solution.

The service is based on a High Availability platform and includes realtime failover to alternate streaming servers in the event of a server failure. While all providers aim to provide 100% uptime, there will always be inevitable issues, be it at a server level, a network level or any other potential component in the streaming chain.

Our new Premium Streaming service can provide Shoutcast v2 or Icecast streaming servers (live streaming only, no AutoDJ) and the servers are continuously monitored for availability. If an issue is detected, it will switch to a backup server to keep your station on the air at all times. You do not need to change anything to switch to the backup server in the case of a failure as all switching is performed automatically.

If the failure is at source (your studio or playout system) and the source disconnects, you can upload an audio file that will play while your stream is offline. Once you reconnect, your live stream will automatically resume.

Included in every Premium Streaming package are HTTPS links to your stream, ideal for platforms that require HTTPS URL’s (such as Alexa). You can also configure alerts to let you know if there are any issues with your stream and get alerted via email, SMS or voice call (or all three).

All packages are based on the industry standard Centova Cast panel which include listener stats and reports for royalty calculations and a whole load more rich features (more here).

If you’re serious about keeping your station on the air, can you afford to rely on just one server to stay online every minute of the day, 24/7, 365?

If you station and your audience demand no downtime, you need to look at a fault tolerant streaming platform with automatic DNS failover and keep your station on the air 24/7. No more downtime due to server failures, server maintenance or network issues! Our Premium Streaming platform runs over multiple servers on multiple networks in multiple continents.

Contact us here for more info or click here to view our Premium Streaming packages.

I’m interested, give me more technical details!
When you sign up, you’ll be provided with your streaming server details (Shoutcast v2 or Icecast) which will point to our dynamic DNS platform which monitors our streaming servers 24/7, every single minute of every hour of every day. If our main server should become unavailable at any time it will simply repoint to the backup server until the main server is back online again. This is called DNS failover. You do not have to change anything at all as the operation will be virtually seamless to both your encoder/playout system and also to your listener. This is because the stream details both TO the server (from your encoder or playout) and also FROM the server (to your listeners) remains identical at all times, hence the whole switchover will be practically seamless (it can take up to 60 seconds to switch).
Our main and backup servers are located on physically diverse servers and hardware, on different networks and in different continents, this way ensuring that either server will be available at any one time.

Why do you need DNS failover, are your servers not reliable?
Yes! All of our main servers are located in a TIER 2 datacenter and are fully redundant. Redundant servers, redundant networks, redundant power supplies and are monitored 24/7 by our team and have a 15 minute response time for any faults. If a server fails, we have a redundant server in another server hall, so we’re already pretty covered for any faults. But faults do happen, power loss, network loss, loss of one or more network carrier. This is why we have built an additional level of redundancy by offering this extremely fault tolerant platform across multiple servers, in multiple datacentres on multiple networks and in multiple continents!