If you have just set up your station and are sitting back expecting listeners to flood in, you’re wrong! (Yes, sorry for being so blunt!).

You now need to advertise your radio station and get it out there for people to listen to.

Here are a list of sites that you should list you station on.

  • Get Me Radio! Popular FREE Internet Radio Directory. Get your station listed here for free.

  • Apple iTunes – Getting submitted here isn’t easy, but follow this guide.

  • vTuner – Never heard of it? They serve companies such as Bose, Audi, Samsung, Pioneer, Roberts (Internet Radios) and many more. Get listed here and you’ll have access to millions of users. Click here to submit your station.

  • Shoutcast.com – Popular Radio Station guide. Works for Shoutcast based stations only. You can get your station listed here by selecting the station to be public in your stream hosting account here.

  • Create a Facebook Radio Player to stream your station to your Facebook followers directly from your Facebook page. Find out more here.