On this page we’ll discuss the differences between CentovaCast and SonicPanel and go through the pro’s and cons of each panel.

Both CentovaCast and SonicPanel offer Shoutcast v2 and Icecast server types and both have AutoDJ capabilities, the main differences are in how you control and administer the servers.

Heres a quick summary of our views on both panels.

CentovaCast is extensively used and is a rock solid, reliable panel but its interface and feature set is lacking and due an overhaul BUT it has great reporting and statistics.

SonicPanel, on the other hand, offers a great user panel with many features built in (players, SSL/HTTPS) and is much more user friendly BUT lacks the reporting and statistics that CentovaCast.

Both are very good, are reliable and offer the same server types and both offer AutoDJ. If you want a good feature set and a clean user-friendly interface and can live with limited statistics, then go for SonicPanel.

If statistics are important to you and and not too bothered about an older layout with slightly more limited features, then CentovaCast is the one to go for.

Both panels are available on our range of servers and infrastructure and maintained directly by us.

See a list of features for Centovacast here and for SonicPanel here.